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Book 1 of Flourish is a compilation of bilingual stories for Grade 1 readers. Each story in the book is accompanied by activities for the students to have an immersive learning experience. The book is also supplied with an android app to make learning more interesting.

Flourish - A Book of Stories is a unique series of bilingual books (English + Tamil) which intend to improve the English language skills of the children, while imparting moral education through stories. The series comprises 8 age-appropriate books contextualised to the children of Tamilnadu. The Flourish series has varying levels of complexity for each reading level, and is designed to give students a sense of continuity. With the help of bilingual text, the series particularly intends to improve the reading skill of the learners through aided comprehension. Each story is carefully hand-picked based on the reading levels of the readers to impart moral values and wisdom.
The book comprises captivating stories and stimulating activities to make learning enjoyable for the children. Each story has thought-provoking activities, which kindle the creative side of young minds and equip them with new information. The book is supplemented with a mobile app comprising of read alouds and other interesting content to make learning more engaging for the children. We have also embedded QR codes in the book, which will take the reader directly to the relevant section of the app.

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